Thursday, August 11, 2011

We went BIG and have some NEW too!

Are you wanting something BIGGER for the things that you use more often?

We have gone BIG!

Available in the following products at

If you are ordering buckets I highly recommend these gamma lids. I have them on ALL my buckets – they are a huge life saver. They simply twist off and are air tight!

Only - $8.95

The three new items we are now carrying are (in both buckets & #10)

Hard Red Wheat              Oat Groats                     Spelt                             

We also have a 4 Person 1 year Food Storage Supply on sale – for under $3,000!  Plus you will get approx. $300 in FREE items and half priced items as well.  Make the commitment to get prepared NOW!  This offer is only available through consultants directly so contact me – 925  382  3853  or AdamandKrisi at gmail dot com