Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Friday… 4 Day Super Sale

Our Black Friday sale is coming and I wanted to give you a little heads up. With Thanksgiving on Thursday we are all busy but late that night at 12:01a MST (Friday morning) the sale will start and you don't want to miss out! All THRIVE foods will be up to 50% off, and there will be fantastic deals on Food Rotation Systems and emergency supplies as well, so you can stock your Home Store at the lowest prices all year!

Things WILL sell out so do NOT wait until the last minute!

Our most discounted products can be seen on the Black Friday webpage. Sale pricing is shown on this page but will not become active until 12:01 am MST Nov. 23rd and will end at 11:59 pm MST Nov. 26th.
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With so many great products I wanted to share my favorite offers:

Pie 6 Pack - You save $ 54.70
Includes one #10 can of freeze dried Bananas, Sliced Strawberries, Raspberries, Peaches, Cherries, and Blackberries.

Providence Basic 2 Person Kit
Sale price $69.99 You save: $40.00
Expedition Basic 4 Person Kit
Sale price $134.99 You save: $50.00

10 grain Pancake Mix Save - 40%


Cansolidator Pantry - Save 58%
Harvest 72" - Save more than 50%
Butane Stove - Save $12.89
Cheese 6 Pack - Save 25%


Busy over the long weekend - don't worry I can place your order for you.  Simply e-mail me your list of ITEM numbers and product names by 5pm Thanksgiving Day and I will place your order early Friday morning.

We do have two other products that are unadvertised specials available to you through me directly.  The Harvest 72" #10 is PERFECT for Christmas!
The Harvest 72" #10
Harvest 72" #10 :
Holds 112 #10 cans

Retail Price: $459.99
Current Sale Price: $229.99

Supreme 1 Year Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Food Supply

1 Person 1 Year Supply Pkg:

Retail if Purchased Separately: $1723.99
Current Sale Price:  $1119.99
If you would like to order either of these products - simply e-mail or call me.

Contact us for more information on starting the Holiday season with a new lifestyle! You can review the brochure as well by clicking on it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Package Sale

To order either special you will need to contact us directly – these are available though a consultant only.  adamandkrisi at gmail dot com or 925 3B2 3B53  (the B’s are 8’s)

Chopped Chicken 12-Pack #25434 is now $303.89. This sale is while supplies last or ends August 20th.

THRIVE Emergency Cube (food for 4 people, for 1 year)  #25444 is now $3259.49.


The following are all #10 cans:

42 Hard White Winter Wheat

36 White Rice

14 Pearled Barley

10 Whole Wheat Flour

10 White Flour

8 Quick Oats

8 Cornmeal

8 Elbow Macaroni

20 Potato Chunks

12 Sweet Corn FD

8 Broccoli FD

4 Carrot Dices

2 Banana Slices FD

6 Strawberries FD

8 Green Peas FD

4 Raspberries FD

10 Apple Slices

4 Onions FD

36 Powdered Milk

6 Cheese Blend

6 Chocolate Drink Mix

6 Whole Egg Powder

8 Chicken TVP

14 Pinto Beans

12 Black Beans

4 Sausage TVP

4 Ham TVP

8 Lentils

8 Beef TVP

6 Taco TVP

2 Iodized Salt

2 Chicken Bouillon

6 Brown Sugar

6 Fudge Brownies

2 Baking Powder

2 Beef Bouillon

10 White Sugar

6 Orchard Apple Drink

6 Orange Bliss Drink

4 Simply Peach Drink

1 THRIVE Cookbook

Fun fact: This takes up an entire pallet, which is why it is named "cube."

Saturday, July 28, 2012

How prepared are you?

from the Shelf Reliance website

Unexpected events arise in everyone's life. From small surprises to huge problems, the best way to handle any situation is preparedness. This checklist will tell you just how prepared you really are. Answer Yes or No to the following questions:

I have established an emergency plan that my whole family knows about.

My family has an evacuation meeting place in the neighborhood.

My family has an evacuation meeting place outside the neighborhood.

I know my community's evacuation plan.

I know where to go if my city sirens go off.

Emergency numbers are posted by my phone.

I know how to turn off my electricity, gas, and water.

I have a flashlight by the breaker panel.

I have smoke detectors with charged batteries on each level of my home.

I have a 72-hour kit for each member of my family.

I have a fire extinguisher and I know how to use it.

I have adequate insurance coverage (home, life, fire, earthquake, ect).

I have adequate emergency supplies stored in the areas I spend most of my time (eg. car, work, home).

My chimney, flue pipes, vent connectors, and gas vents are clean with any damages repaired.

My water heater, large appliances, and shelves are secured.

My larger, heavy objects are found on the lower shelves.

Wall hangings and overhead lights are secured.

I know First Aid and have had CPR training.

I have an adequate First Aid Kit.

I have adequate food storage for my family for three months.

I can clearly see the expiration date on my labels.

I eat what I store and I store what I eat.

I feel comfortable with cooking food storage and have access to recipes.

I use something from my food storage at least twice a week.

I keep my food storage in an area that has a temperature below 70 degrees and has below 10% humidity.

I keep my food storage in opaque, airtight containers.

I have enough water for my family to last one week.

I have the necessary non-food items with my food storage (such as medicine and toiletries)

I have a garden where I grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

I know where the emergency exits are at work.

I know what my work's evacuation plan is.

I have an emergency cash fund.

I put more gas in my car when it at 1/2 a tank.

If you have children

My child(ren) know where the emergency exits are at school.

Both me and my child(ren) know what the school's evacuation plan is.

My child(ren) knows when and how to contact 911.

My child(ren) knows where the fire extinguisher is and how to use it.


How did you do? If you answered NO to any of the questions, work on turning them into a YES. E-mail us if there is something we can help you with, that is what we are here for.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WHY Freeze Dried?


At some of the events we have done recently people are starting to ask WHY freeze dried?

Well for a number of reasons -

Shelf Life – shelf life as long as 25 years

Safety – able to leave at room temperate

Nutrition - Retains Antioxidants, Simple to eat healthy

Fewer Preservatives

For more information check out these posts:



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Press Release


SALT LAKE CITY (11 May 2012)

Matt Rutherford, a 30-year-old sailor of 8 years, has just become the first person to solo circumnavigate the Americas without stopping at a single port. His sailboat, the St. Brendan, sailed under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on April 18th to cross his original track and complete the journey he began last June; he made landfall a few days later in his hometown of Annapolis, Maryland.

The 27,077-mile trip took him through the Northwest Passage, down the west coast of North and South America, around Cape Horn, and back up to the Eastern Seaboard in just under 310 days. Rutherford did the trip to raise money for Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB), a nonprofit sailing program for people with disabilities. Matt’s story has appeared on Fox News and Al Roker’s Wake Up with Al.

Shelf Reliance® of American Fork, UT, was a major sponsor for Rutherford’s voyage, donating a 1-year supply of freeze dried and dehydrated THRIVE™ foods for him to eat while he was at sea. “I couldn’t have done it without Shelf Reliance,” Rutherford said. “It was crucial to have food that would sustain me in any environment—quality food, with variety.”

While Rutherford did catch fish occasionally to supplement his diet, he said he ate almost exclusively THRIVE foods. "THRIVE contains a great-tasting and healthy panel of ingredients. It's restaurant quality food," he said. Rutherford prepared THRIVE foods even without electricity, which he did not have for much of his voyage: “All I had to do was heat it up and eat it up. The food was very easy to prepare, and that makes life a lot easier whether you’re at sea or on land. Using THRIVE cut my meal prep time in half.”

Shelf Reliance provides delicious long-lasting foods, innovative rotation shelving, and emergency products to help people around the world achieve thriving lives by becoming more self-reliant, prosperous, and charitable.

Thursday, May 17, 2012