Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Friday… 4 Day Super Sale

Our Black Friday sale is coming and I wanted to give you a little heads up. With Thanksgiving on Thursday we are all busy but late that night at 12:01a MST (Friday morning) the sale will start and you don't want to miss out! All THRIVE foods will be up to 50% off, and there will be fantastic deals on Food Rotation Systems and emergency supplies as well, so you can stock your Home Store at the lowest prices all year!

Things WILL sell out so do NOT wait until the last minute!

Our most discounted products can be seen on the Black Friday webpage. Sale pricing is shown on this page but will not become active until 12:01 am MST Nov. 23rd and will end at 11:59 pm MST Nov. 26th.
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With so many great products I wanted to share my favorite offers:

Pie 6 Pack - You save $ 54.70
Includes one #10 can of freeze dried Bananas, Sliced Strawberries, Raspberries, Peaches, Cherries, and Blackberries.

Providence Basic 2 Person Kit
Sale price $69.99 You save: $40.00
Expedition Basic 4 Person Kit
Sale price $134.99 You save: $50.00

10 grain Pancake Mix Save - 40%


Cansolidator Pantry - Save 58%
Harvest 72" - Save more than 50%
Butane Stove - Save $12.89
Cheese 6 Pack - Save 25%


Busy over the long weekend - don't worry I can place your order for you.  Simply e-mail me your list of ITEM numbers and product names by 5pm Thanksgiving Day and I will place your order early Friday morning.

We do have two other products that are unadvertised specials available to you through me directly.  The Harvest 72" #10 is PERFECT for Christmas!
The Harvest 72" #10
Harvest 72" #10 :
Holds 112 #10 cans

Retail Price: $459.99
Current Sale Price: $229.99

Supreme 1 Year Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Food Supply

1 Person 1 Year Supply Pkg:

Retail if Purchased Separately: $1723.99
Current Sale Price:  $1119.99
If you would like to order either of these products - simply e-mail or call me.

Contact us for more information on starting the Holiday season with a new lifestyle! You can review the brochure as well by clicking on it.

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