Thursday, June 30, 2011

Freedom Sale - Save up to 30%


To get that party pricing you will need to e-mail me at AdamandKrisi at gmail dot com or give me a call 925 382 3853   For the Sale Pricing you can get that just by going to

What a great way to celebrate our Freedom – by making yourself have a little more freedom and have your HomeStore filled with healthy and nutritious foods that you can go get whenever you need them!

And if you are at ALL thinking about becoming a consultant – do it NOW!  They are offering 20% off on their consultant kits this weekend as well!  Seriously – I this has not happened in the last year!

Consultant Kit – $199   $159

Consultant Value Kit – $289    $231   ***The one I recommend***

Consultant Deluxe Kit  - $579     $463  (includes a HARVEST)

Consultant Super Deluxe Kit – $899   $719  (includes Harvest, #10 cans, large signs for expos and shows and more!)

My consultant ID is 1747  and my e-mail address AdamandKrisi at gmail dot com  - Call me and I will walk you through everything – it is super easy and what do you have to lose? You are getting a HUGE value with the kits to begin with but with the sale prices they are even better!

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