Friday, February 24, 2012

BIG savings on BIG buckets

Our prices on buckets are FANTASTIC right now.  Seriously... pick up the phone and call me TODAY to order at these prices.  Our instant milk wins blind taste challenges at events and parties - it is THAT good.  And do you see the discounted price right now?  That is only $2.13 a gallon - and it gets delivered to your door and has a sealed shelf life of 25 years and once opened 2 years - so grab a few at that price (prices are only going up).  Don't overlook the other products - Cornmeal, Beans, Flour... all at great prices.  PLUS our buckets all come with a gamma lid on them (a $7+ value).


Pearled Barley$47.09 $36.69*
Cornmeal$50.69 $39.49
White Flour$44.09 $33.29
Whole Wheat Flour$45.09 $40.79
Millet$59.89 $49.89
Oat Groats$68.59 $59.29
Quick Oats$25.49 $32.29
Rice Flour$45.99 $37.59
Instant Rice$55.09 $39.49*
White Rice$57.39 $48.09
Spelt$80.99 $71.39
Hard White Winter Wheat$37.29 $30.69
Hard Red Wheat$47.99 $40.89*

Meats & Beans

Black Beans$80.99 $68.69
Kidney Beans$80.29 $68.09
Pinto Beans$86.79 $64.69
Small Red Beans$92.79 $75.69*
Small White Navy Beans$93.89 $80.69
Beef TVP$56.89
Chicken TVP $56.89
Lentils$68.09 $66.69

Dairy & Basics

Instant Milk$109.79 $85.29
Powdered Milk$111.09 $76.69*
White Sugar$68.29 $67.19

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