Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pantry Challenge {our goals}

Our family has been participating in a pantry challenge issued from Good Cheap Eats at the beginning of the month. I started the month/year in the hospital with my appendix getting removed, so while I wasn’t planning on participating I decided on the 3rd while I was in the hospital recovering that maybe it was a good idea. I knew we had enough of everything to get the a month (or more). The exception was fresh milk and fresh eggs (we get those from my mom’s chickens throughout the month though), we could do it.  We set out some goals:

1) Use the items that have not been rotated in the pantry for sometime.

2) Discover what exactly is in our freezer and use it.

3) Reduce grocery budget – really I wanted to not go shopping at ALL, but wanted a little wiggle room.

4) Teach the kids more out eating from the pantry and making things here at home (crackers, bread, etc.)

When we mentioned to a few people that we were doing a pantry challenge they were impressed but also realize that we have a pretty good home store to pull from and use. And we do use our home store on a regular basis but I figured by the end of the month we would be using it a bunch more.

Check back tomorrow to see how the month went.

Have you done a pantry challenge? Set some goals tonight as a family (February is a short month Smile!!!) and eat from your pantry/freezer this month.

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